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Local Action Group (LAG) Kalakukko ry is a local action group of the region of Kuopio and Northeast Savo and it has functioned since 1996. The region of operation of Kalakukko ry is situated in East Finland and consists of seven municipalities. The total population of the area is approximately 58 400 and the surface area is 7559 km, of which 20 % is covered with water. The area is very sparsely populated. Population density of the area is 41 persons per square kilometer in Kuopio subregion and 4,6 persons per square kilometer in Northeast Savo subregion. The area of the action group is a traditional Finnish hillside area with abundant forests and numerous waterways.

The board makes decisions on applications that will receive funding

The board handles the applications submitted to the group, giving their opinion. The board is in favour of an application provided it meets the criteria set for the local development strategy (Elinvoimaa Kalakukosta – Maaseudun kehittämisstrategia 2014-2020), the Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland and the principles of the Leader scheme. You find our local development strategy (Elinvoimaa Kalakukosta - Maaseudun kehittämisstrategia 2014 - 2020 here. 

Kalakukko holds an annual general meeting at which the members of the association elect new members of the board. One third of the members of the board represent municipalities, another third enterprises and communities, and yet another third represent the residents of the area in question who otherwise are not represented in the decision-making bodies of the municipalities and communities. Thus, such groups are equally represented in the boards of action groups.

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